Interstellar Light Show

Interstellar Light Show May 13th, 2018:

We went to Leadville Colorado to brainstorm with some partners we are working with regarding the placement and restoration of the 7Stars Temple of Purification Healing Center I am currently designing (which will be integrated with my AHP off-the-grid technology.) We were contemplating putting this first Healing Retreat up there because of its 10,000 ft altitude in the “valley”; which is surrounded by 14,000 ft + mountain peaks with a glacial run-off river running through it. It was a productive day but I still had a lot of doubts in my mind about many things.

Well the weekend ended up so bizarre and inter dimensional I will have to eventually document it more when I find the words to describe this strange cosmic event. It happened to both Rosa and I (for two hours +) as we watched in awe. I'm still attempting to grasp it with my scientific mind. I am forever changed and now definitely know I'm heading the right direction with my powerful mental nighttime downloads of 7Stars Project designs...Rosa is handling it more as-a-matter of fact than me.

Come to find out Rosa had prayed for some “encounter or something” to affirm to us that we needed to keep moving forward on the present scientific course (and to stop the self doubt Kirk was feeling that was slowing him down); then she just waited quietly in bed (for about 1 hour) watching shooting stars in the high altitude of Leadville before the “real light show” started.

The Encounter:

I woke up at 1am just when the stellar light anomalies started and Rosa said "Kirk...what is that?” Blurry eyed I said, “It must be Jupiter its so bright.” Much to my extreme surprise it then amplified 50-100 fold in brilliance over and over again...and wiggled around phasing in and out of existence. After that I obviously changed my mind about it being Jupiter.

The beacon always stayed mostly in the top apex of the triangle of the cabins’ high ceiling window...Rosa said she originally saw it move to that position just before I woke up and the light show started.

I was going to film the stellar interaction with my phone camera but it felt too personal and was prompted not to. The beacon was directed right directly to us over and over again as the halo expanded and contracted almost the size of the moon (while phasing in and out with forward and backward acceleration). Everything remained above the atmosphere (I think) and there were no clouds. When the pulsing acceleration initiated the first 5-10 times I could even see the red-shift indicating speed of light velocities as it receded. I think “it” was actually demonstrating its power and intelligence so I'd pay attention I guess to its reality? I really don’t want to be considered an “alien guy” because of my NASA background but now I wish I could have had the video documentation on film so I could study it more. But it's not necessary...regardless it was real and we both saw it!

I will be putting more information on the website as the project evolves…stay tuned!

Thanks for all you do everyone in trying to manifest a better planet and please send any positive energy my direction…this is quite an undertaking.