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Kirk has been creating art his whole life while he concurrently worked in the professional world of Engineering Sciences. His unique ability of integrating that creative thought process into his technological thought process continues to set the stage for some new and on-going excitement! 

“After recently going first hand as a Civilian Water Quality Specialist into the mouth of a War Beast it became even more self evident of the dire necessity to develop alternate approaches to basic life sustaining water and energy harvesting technologies. These technologies could apply both here at home and in the scarier less fortunate places throughout the world.”

Kirk currently has 4 patents, 3 degrees, and various licenses with 35+years experience. Listed below is his journey and thought process (with examples of technologies and patents).

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Kirk D. Bradley - Engineering Sciences Journey

Water Quality Supervisor (In-Country Specialist):
Fluor GG LOGCAP IV Afghanistan (2011-2012)
Provided water and wastewater technical leadership for operations, maintenance, installation, and repair services alongside US/Coalition Troops on Forward Operating Bases (FOB) Bagram, Fenty, and Tillman.

Senior Operator: Sierra Energy and Water LLC (2011)
Installation, start-up, operations and maintenance of new fracking water reuse treatment plant in the Colorado oilfields as I awaited my security clearance for “civilian service” in Afghanistan.

CEO/Director/Founder: New Earth Systems Inc. (1996-2009)
Waterworks and Recycling Equipment: R&D, design, fabrication, field operations, maintenance, and facility build-out. Duties also included the usual HR needs, accounting, and associated legal/ business/ people skillset required to facilitate the needs and culture of a 100+ stakeholder organization. Raised and managed private equity investments and bank notes for development and capital improvements projects. Obtained a 6000-ton/month PET plastics recycling contract.

4 US patents awarded.

Regional Water Reclamation Manager: St. George area (1990-1996)
Managed the administrative, financial, operations, maintenance, treatment, collections, pretreatment, reuse, laboratory, personnel, master planning, and capital improvement needs of the District. Oversaw $200M+ major expansions of the Regional Treatment Plant, completion of a 4 city outfall line/river crossings with pump stations and upgrades, initiated water and bio-solids reuse programs; managed rapid District growth combining interdepartmental divisions. Wrote the EPA Regional Pretreatment Program, awarded Best Treatment Plant, Pretreatment Program, State Certified Laboratory, and Wastewater Collection System on various occasions by the State Division of Water Quality.  

Senior Operations Engineer: The Marquardt Company (1986-1990)
Build-up, test and operations of a classified industrial/military facility utilizing high pressure fuels, oxidizers, cryogenics, steam, air, and water with associated subsystems for various military and aerospace projects. Team leader on “Space Shuttle return to Flight” related to RCT rocket propulsion along with NASP X-30 scramjet wind tunnel test buildup.

Wastewater Department Head:  The City of Springville (1980-1986)
Starting as a graveyard shift operator and mechanic while attending college and ended up managing a newly formed Wastewater Department for the City. That assignment included constructing the new 7.5 million gallon per day wastewater utilities complex, rebuilding pump stations, and developing an EPA approved Pretreatment Program concurrently. Responsibilities included the normal administrative and technical expertise of a City Department Head.

Private Consultant: (on-going)
Worked with various industries, municipalities, engineering firms, and government agencies in many capacities with a wide skill-set and spectrum of projects ranging from waterworks to business development. Specific details and timeframes available upon request.

Education, Certifications, Patents & Licenses

  • Bachelor of Science - Engineering/Management/Geology - 1986
  • Associate of Science (2) - Environmental/Wastewater - 1984
  • CA Grade V - Wastewater Treatment  #6453 (active) - 1986
  • CA Engineering and General Contractor #546181 (na) - 1990
  • UT General Contractor #94-278009-5501 (na) - 1995
  • UT Grade IV - Wastewater Treatment 367R12044 (na) - 1984
  • UT Grade I - Wastewater Collection  #676R12031C (na) - 1985
  • USPTO Patents: #6,960,301; #7,264,732;  #7,404,900;  #7,682,492