Ambient Harvester Project Donation

Current Priorities and goals:

We will develop and integrate new and existing ideas designed for the collection and utilization of available ambient energy and water with mindful resources to help optimize and sustain cost effective, health conscious Eco -Pod habitats filled with off-the-grid technology that could eventually reach Mars.

Related Technology Synopsis:

  • Energy: generation, storage, distribution, and amplification modules.
  • “Area51” aerospace propulsion technology with unique geometric design maximizing desired forces.
  • Water: extraction/utilization/ treatment /reuse.
  • Physics applications utilizing: pressure, temperature, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, levitation, and plasma.
  • Futuristic Smart Housing sustainability.
  • Hydrogen, oxygen and ozone production.
  • Recycling, reclamation, and reuse technologies.
  • Positive Mindfulness and health related tools.

We are currently focusing on the Energy Modules.

Buying some art along with any donation would be a great help. ….lets get this done!

Spread the Positive Energy and thanks for yours!