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You ask:

What is the driving force that motivates one to devote an entire life’s studies and work towards helping mankind through the optimization of our natural resources and defense of our freedoms to do so?

This is a profound question with an illusive set of answers:

“The poor and enslaved of the world have but a whispering voice... sometimes I hear it when I choose to listen. I am both educated and powerful by their standards. I have been given some natural gifts and resources to it is my responsibility to act when I am enabled. I am currently enabled. ”Nikola Tesla once stated, "There is primal energy and localized supplies of natural resources in the ambient medium surrounding us..." 

I whole heartedly agree...... We must not only be creative in discovering and optimizing it’s power to do good things; we must be relentless in our on-going pursuit to continue to develop low-cost, disruptive technology for the benefit for all Mankind.



General Overview:

               Core Technology: The Star Nexus System

                                     “ The future is now!”

The future Star Nexus Systems goal is to be a hybrid clean-energy producing system (off-grid) that produces electricity using a mix of wind (vertical turbine), solar (focused lens heat transfer to help create rotational energy instead of PV) stored in battery bank storage (48VDC). It also would provide 24-hour/day water treatments via a Star Cube electro-physical system (see previous patents), which cleans up about 10,000 gals of water per day flowing through the system. Also utilized would be a hybrid combustion rotor using H2/O2 generated from the Star Cube for rotational propulsion within a magnetic field helping generate complementary power, frequencies, and structured water by focusing the systems various vortex signatures of energetic flow. This is being designed to be a mini-grid type of system generating about 12.000 KWh per year and can be sized up for the health, energy, and water needs integrated into the much-anticipated Quantum Nexus EcoPod Well~Being Centers.

Examples of some previous work BEFORE the Ambient Harvester Project (AHP):


Early shop and laboratory for prototype fabrication and testing


 Prototype Electro-coagulator (see patent link)


Prototype Waste Water Treatment Modular System (see patent link)


Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant on project for the Army Corp of Engineers in Montana (see patents link)




“After the experience of recently going first hand as a Civilian Water Quality Specialist deep into Afghanistan, it became self evident of the dire necessity to develop alternate approaches to basic life sustaining water and energy harvesting technologies for anything ever to truly change for the better.....these new technologies could apply both here at home and in the scarier and less fortunate places throughout the world.”

If you hear the whisper and want to somehow get involved helping make our Earth a better place through the advancement of some art !

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Typical lookout at Water Treatment Plants in Afghanistan.  


This one attracted a lot of incoming RPG's with my name on them! 


Working side-by-side with the locals deep into the war zone.


The Birth of the Ambient Harvester Project: 2017



Early Lab.jpg

Early stage AHP research laboratory 2017  





Vision Statement

The future Quantum Nexus B-Corp’s (QNBC) mission is to provide safe, reliable, autonomous energy generation and sustainable water treatment services in communities where these services are nonexistent or costly. In the medium to long-term, our technology also has the potential to displace traditional electricity generation methods and networks, when appropriately scaled-up. The ultimate goal is to reach a balanced interaction of all living species, natural resources and earth cycles, which affect human survival, health, spirituality, and economic viability. QNBC’s ambition is to contribute to create a pristine Earth with clean water and energy use via a new technology called The Star Nexus System (SNS). It will also provide the mechanism to integrate the SNS technology into the future EcoPod Well~Being Centers.

The Star Nexus System modular components technology synopsis:

The future Star Nexus System (SNS) will be an off-grid alternative energy generator with water treatment capacity. This device is being designed and integrated to generate electric power through the water treatment process, advanced solar process, and magnetic fields technology. Its immediate applications are in areas such as disaster relief operational support, primary and emergency private utilities and others.

The SNS will provide energy and clean water to communities by integrating frontier physics with proven proprietary water treatment and jet propulsion technologies. Allying these concepts with the important benefits of system designs aesthetically and spiritually harmonious with the environment and the EcoPod Well~Being Centers in which they will be implemented.

The concept is to use renewable and clean energy technology that does not rely on a single resource to work. Rather, it uses a combination of water, wind, and sun resources in substitutable amounts. No oil, other carbon-based combustibles, harmful chemicals or biological agents are used in our processes.

The design is modular and mobile technology that is a self-sufficient system easy to operate and maintain. Both large and small applications easily deployable in remote and poor communities at reasonable cost; for instance in farming or mountain range communities, located in first or third world countries. Huge potential reach: in 2016, 1.4 billion people worldwide were not connected to an electricity grid.

Also included is energy storage capability and proprietary technology sidestepping the supply fluctuations associated with electric grid management and catastrophic dangers such as EMP (electromagnetic pulse) disasters.

The end product is clean, consumable water as a direct by-product of the technology that is effective at removing a broad range of water contaminants from landlocked, poor quality water. Also available will be heat energy utilization for hot water, housing, disaster relief, or other commercial facility autonomous applications.

Water demineralization will also be a benefit as a secondary process. By combining electricity generation and water treatment, the technology is naturally able to apply electro-coagulation to high dissolved solids water and utilize the by-products of hydrogen and oxygen for combustion and any O3 disinfection needs.

A new integrative engineering approach based on:

Utilizing both magnetic and etheric fields helping generate complementary power, frequencies, and structured water by focusing the systems various vortex signatures of energetic flow

Optics with the use of a reverse lighthouse Fresnel lensing focusing and Vogel crystal amplification

Propulsion physics and magnetic rail systems integrated into electrical generation components

Simulated planetary and natural processes to help accomplish our off-grid and etheric objectives

All the processes will be amplified and utilized within the future EcoPod Well~Being Centers

Current Status of Technology

Concept design and early prototype bench testing and fabrication have been on-going full time for the past few years. Previous water treatment patent technology has been tested and will be applied utilizing enhanced concepts from patents referenced. Energy systems are at various developmental stages.


*Obtained previous patents with potential alternate design configurations ready for integration.

*Constructed full-scale shell housing for technology developmental and on-site testing.

*Bench top test-stand development (on-going).

*Initiated full-scale equipment concept design, fabrication, and integration needs with budget.

*Self-funded working on various phases of the Ambient Harvester project for the past few years.



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