Colorful Colorado

Colorful Colorado

Colorful Colorado

A surreal glimpse of local space-time

Original Art: 18” x 24” oil on canvas

The Rocky Mountain High Range TM series takes your imagination on a historic and timely tribute through our choice area. Clues below will help you transition in your mind the painting’s layers.

The birth of a Colorado proto-star, pulsing life-force radiating from the Denver confluence skyline; an energy owl bringing the life spheres from the stellar birth nursery; Tesla energy research lab at Pikes Peak area... surging deep in earths capacitors and into the wireless ether; free range Bronco horse, Rocky Mountain sheep, Native America/ Eagle transition; Osprey tapping energy of advanced propulsion system, interstellar dark- energy engine; fire/water/earth/air/ elemental transitional sublimation zone; Red Rocks National Park in the Light of the Dark Side of the MoonTM ; Neil and all fellow aerospace pioneers, X-30 Space Plane; birth-cycle including regeneration to level transition; wisps of the Elementals, the abundance of universal DNA spread out through Panspermia ; the ancient intelligences ever watching as patient landlords in each Epoch, (including the record keeping Dolphin Elder); Lost in crystal caverns of earths energy conduits, life fluids transmitters, and high mountain temples; wilderness traversed by fearless explorers of great strength; cave dweller cities guarding entrances to the earths secrets of an ancient NORAD?...or quantum communication relays of unknown origin. And of course the Columbine flower and it’s assorted High Country Flora and Fauna; which include our recently famous Natural Herbs and local Elixers.

The next dimension in the portal is awaiting your attention...enjoy! Affordable fine prints available on paper or canvas 18 x 24” or 36 x 48”

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