The time has come for all sentient beings to collectively arise and transition with true peace in mind for all. Brilliant minds in all fields must become one in heart and lead by example at all costs.... be one of those leaders the world needs for we need many more.

I looked up what Bindu (or the Blue Pearl) means based upon various comments regarding my recent post of the images I saw relating to "Energy Spheres" which I didn’t understand the meaning of. Maybe this has something to do with it? Who knows...tha universe is full of mysteries.

*Bindu means point or dot; the word is derived from the root verb ‘bhid’ or ‘bhind’, which means to burst, to break through. Piercing, breaking, or bursting through the bindu (bindu vedhana) is the last stage of practice. But at this point it can hardly be called practice, since only grace is involved. The bindu is the transition point from duality into Pure Consciousness. The bindu is the doorway beyond or out of the mind, because the concept or phenomenon of bindu is; the point out of which time, space, causality and all other concepts manifested. The bindu is point out of which multiplicity seems to expand. Thus finding your way back to the bindu is finding your way back to the edge of space, time and apparent manifestation; which is not an edge but a point. The concept of bindu can be found in several mystical writing as the yogis, mystics, tantrics, and sages who have experienced Pure Consciousness, speak of encountering this point–for example symbolized as a mustard seed–because there is no other way out! The bindu is the center of the Sri Yantra and the dot in the symbol of AUM.

“The universe is a dance of energies that vibrate at many frequencies. They ebb and flow, merge and part, form ripples, tides, currents, eddies, and whirlpools. They become units of all sizes, from atoms to stars, from individual souls to cosmic beings, and again they dissolve into each other. As rays, streaks, streams, rivers, oceans of light, they flow into each other and separate again, changing frequencies—and in changing frequencies, they become suns, galaxies, spaces, airs, winds, fires, liquids, solids. They become bodies of human beings into which the energy called consciousness comes and is embodied.

Of all the flowing energies in the universe, consciousness is the most dominant, the one from which all the others proceed and into which they all merge. The ancient texts are fond of the phrase “from consciousness down to solid earth,” for all this is a single matrix, a tantra of energy, and within it are myriads of matrices, woven and interwoven. The human being is one such matrix of energies—ebbing, flowing, dancing at frequencies ranging from those of solid bones all the way to the subtlest waves of consciousness. Those who understand this personality matrix will understand the whole universe.

The vast, all-pervading oceanic energy of consciousness barely touches us with its outer fringes, and we come alive, becoming persons. The vibration frequencies in us that are too solid, too dense, not subtle enough to flow in consonance with consciousness, become our material body, the non-I. Energy thus condensed becomes a cell. The cell is filled with the vital energy called prana, which is maneuvered by the mind-energy. The I in us is pure consciousness. It owns and operates the body-vehicle, and guides the mind. It is the purest, finest vibrating energy.

Thus, like the rest of the universe, we are layer upon layer of energy or light, which form complex patterns in which the subtler layers are aware of the grosser ones but not vice versa (which is why they are hierarchical). Through the process of meditation and self-awareness, however, it is possible for us to attune ourselves to these energy processes.”

~ Swami Rama ‘Inspired Thoughts of Swami Rama’