Considering the Scope of the Universe as Mere Mortals

Considering the Scope of the Universe as mere Mortals…

Lets look at the “big picture” to help put things into perspective:

If our Sun were the size of an aspirin the nearest star would be represented by another aspirin …..140 km away.

Our Milky Way holds over a Trillion Stars…..

(That is equal to the number of rice grains in a building the size of a cathedral).

 A light year = 5.88 trillion miles

(Remember that a light year is not a measurement of time; it’s a measurement of distance)

The Milky Way is over 100,000 light years across the main disc.

Our Earth is currently 27,000 light years away from the center…about 50 light years above the main plane of the galactic disk.

In order to get a feel for the spacing between galaxies consider:

If our Milky Way Galaxy was the size of an aspirin, the next nearest large galaxy (Andromeda) is just 13 cm away.

Galaxies usually stay in clusters; ours is called the Local Group. The next nearest cluster is 60 cm away…and so forth.


Even weirder...stars, planets, people, and atoms are all made of the same kind of “physical matter” called Baryonic material.  There is 10 to 100 times more stuff in the “known universe” called dark matter (and dark energy) that is “non- radiating”. We cannot see it but we know it’s there affecting the entire structure of space-time with its grip.

Lets now look at the “little picture” to help put things in perspective:

In the vacuum of space, where nothing is supposed to be there; virtual particles constantly pop “in and out” of existence.

“Particles of space” exist in a set structure interlinked with some support network of attraction giving it a form, shape or attraction.

Scientists calculate there are 10 (with 99 zeros) “particles of space” within each cubic centimeter around us. And the “space” between these particles is a mystery where  “virtual particles” pop in and out of the quantum vacuum. And the actual existence of all particles only become “real” when its quantum wave function collapses due to it being measured (or observed)…yikes! Who is observing it? (Ask Schrodinger’s cat)

Currently physics points to at least 10 dimensions within the matrix of our specific Universe Structure Theory. (So much for 3-d movies :-)

We must not forget the strange nature of the Speed of Light reference:

As we accelerate to approach the speed of light it gets really weird:

Time slows down and we would actually stop “aging” at its upper limit of 186,000 miles per second because time (as we know it as a dimension) ceases to exist; …technically we would become Eternal Beings when traveling at the Speed of Light!

Now the bad news: The faster we go approaching the Speed of Light, the greater mass we would obtain. (It actually becomes infinite) Like mass at the center of a black hole…. i.e. a cosmological speed limit for physical matter is built into our Universe as we understand it.

Furthermore Einstein says we cannot accelerate (in our current physical state) past the Speed of Light…but one must consider that stuff already traveling at the speed of light (or altered matter) does not have these same laws of physics we are currently bound to…consider it a cosmological Autobahn of both time and space! Would those particles (or beings) not be eternal in nature and unlimited in speed?

 What if you became a “Being of Light”…time would cease to exist and you would basically become dimensionless. And the grand distances of our Universe would no longer be a limiting variable. Wormholes, folding space, time travel…. and so forth; would no longer be “science fiction” but a possibility. (or most likely not even necessary to surf the Cosmos?)

And what about the “Bubble Universes’ surrounding us popping out of the quantum vacuum into the unorganized portions of the cosmos in an eternal ballet of Creation? What a mind job. It’s beyond my comprehension.

Therefore when we base all of our accepted theories on the "tip of the cosmological iceberg" and call them facts, concurrently dismissing Creators, intelligent design, evolution, the process of Panspermia, or more advanced civilizations…(the list goes on) we are just being Captains of the Agenda Titanic and irrational know-it-all’s.  

Let’s all just keep open minds, embrace positive energy and others ideas, while enjoying the beauty and mysteries on our paths of discovery in the New Renaissance we as blessed to live in.

These are exciting times!