Interstellar Light Show

Interstellar Light Show May 13th, 2018:

The Encounter:

I woke up at 1am just when the stellar light anomalies started and Rosa said "Kirk...what is that?” Blurry eyed I said, “It must be Jupiter its so bright.” Much to my extreme surprise it then amplified 50 fold in brilliance over and over again...and wiggled around phasing in and out of existence. After that I obviously changed my mind about it being Jupiter.

The beacon always stayed mostly in the top apex of the triangle of the cabins’ high ceiling window...Rosa said she originally saw it move to that position just before I woke up and the light show started. The beacon was directed to us over and over again as the halo expanded and contracted almost the size of the moon although not as bright (while phasing in and out with forward and backward acceleration). Everything remained above the atmosphere (I think) and there were no clouds. When the pulsing acceleration initiated the first 5-10 times I could even see the red-shift indicating speed of light velocities as it receded. I really don’t want to be considered an “alien guy” because of my NASA background but now I wish I could have had the video documentation on film so I could study it more. But it's not necessary...regardless it was real, we both saw it, and it was really cool whatever it was!