Keep an open mind

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking said in an interview with the UK Guardian that he rejects the idea of heaven calling it a ’fairy story for people afraid to die’.

 Hawking also wrote in his book The Grand Design that he believes God was not ‘necessary’ for the creation of the universe and that ‘spontaneous creation‚’ instead explains existence. Hawking seems confident in his conclusion about God, but then again so do believers in “God”. Who is right? Can God’s and science co-exist? 

Kirk Bradley responds: WHY NOT?...... for truth leads to truth and the intersection of higher consciousness is inevitable. 

 While we respect the brilliance of Stephen Hawking’s scientific mind and his enduring enigmatic ability to succeed within this mortal existence, a critical part of the search for ultimate truth is to continue to keep an open mind and to build: line upon line, precept upon precept, theory upon theory!

Example: while the accepted concept of "spontaneous creation" (Panspermia) is obvious to most, the initial creation process most likely had to be "started" at one point. The same concept applies with the "Big Bang". Where did that initiate from in the Cosmos? ...a potential quantum vacuum from another "place"?...and so forth and so forth. To keep it real: we currently can't even ever expect to see past the Light Horizon Boundary within our own Universe because light is too slow and space is exponentially expanding. 

So regardless of any special insight that we have currently been given personally; the truly unthinkable and previously un-thought mysteries and theories of the multiverse are yet to come forth.

Knowledge is Power. And with each discovery we all become more empowered. So as we contemplate the Master Plan of the Universe, it becomes self-evident that if we continue to be such a destructive and selfish species, until our collective consciousness evolves to always choose good over evil; the power that will come from such ultimate knowledge hopefully will remain a mystery for our own protection, until we decide to choose wisely when that knowledge is ultimately revealed.

“For the questions we will ask tomorrow we have not yet even conceived to dream.“ We as laymen, scientists, philosophers, theologians; whether we like it or not, have just stuck our toe into the cosmic pool of water.” With the Dawn of this New Earth’s Light starting to shine forth as this New Renaissance transpires, the true beauty of the cosmos is that it’s full of endless surprise and wonder yet to be revealed.

These are exciting times for sure. It’s an essential time to work together!