Stepping into The Quantum Nexus

Stepping into The Quantum Nexus EcoPod Well~Being Center:


Part of our Vision is that we will contribute to all Life’s transition into the Golden Age of our New Earth. Collectively, through our thoughts, choices and actions, we will all become an essential part of creating the change required to manifest the Elevated World we are choosing to step into and become a vital representation of and invitation to others to join such a world.

As envisioned, EcoPod Well~Being Centers will be ordered teaching spaces as part of the overall environment. These experiences will help create a bridge into the higher dimensional & higher frequency understandings.  This will support human~kind’s liberation from the 3rd dimensional, lower-vibrational constraints that we have been bound to.

 The EcoPod’s complexity supports an individualized, tailored, synchronistic well~being and learning pace that works both with where you are and where you are heading. The EcoPod experiences will support, deepen and enhance the expansion and enlightened processes you may already be experiencing.

The EcoPod experiences will powerfully support the balancing and resolution of the energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances and challenges you may be working with.

The Quantum Harmonics Chambers(TM) , abundant vortex energies, attuned crystals, flowing structured waters and advanced sacred geometries experienced within the Nexus Well~Being Centers will support our belief that the “whole~listic re-structuring and living of the new human~being” is not only possible, but now doable.   

We will create an energetic harmony and alignment for all who enter the EcoPods.  This concept will support our patrons in their desire and choice to become empowered to live in harmonic peace both in their human physicality experiences and their conscious spiritual growth and deepening.

EcoPod Well~Being Center education will be a primary focus and support function for our patrons as they move forward in their daily life.  Inspired teachings will honor and support each patrons’ individual healing, spiritual growth & expansion. Examination of the Well~Being templates that will be taught will encourage the embodiment of the unlimited potential according to each individual’s unique blueprint.

Basic EcoPod curriculum components that will be embraced:

* Develop an understanding of the energetics of the body.

*Understanding more fully the connection of mind, body, emotional fields and spirit.

* Realizing with awareness, how choice, decision, focus and attention to detail affects one's life.

* Awareness of patterns that negatively impact one's life.

* Understanding “Authenticity” as a spiritual practice.

* Gain an understanding of the technologies used in the Centers and how they relate to the health and well being of the body.

* Become acquainted and experience the many Well~Being techniques available to further health going forward.

* Examine belief systems that impact one's health both positively and negatively.

* Cutting cords to remove blockage from progression.

* Obtaining Illumination, wisdom, and “The Enlightened Ones” consciousness.

* Examining the need for self-love and the love of others.

* Realizing the need for purity and seeking guidance in preparation for living a better life.

* Releasing all negative energy and imbalances to create a complete wholeness of healing.

* The Covenant of dedicating your future path calling of one of service and living a life of peace.

* Promoting the advancement of artistic, philosophical, scientific and creative expression…whatever your current strengths are.

*  Taking time to feel joy through eating healthy, exercise, relaxation, and meditation.