Violet Energy Spheres


“A very subtle violet colored "plasma looking" sphere with undefined edges about the size of a baseball; gradually appear above me and slowly floated around peacefully a foot or two from the ceiling. It then descended towards me like a soft rhythmic snowflake in a somewhat helical pattern. As it got closer it intensified, brightened in a color shade to almost purple as in shrank to about the size of a walnut. As it slowly collapsed it clarified into a pure white center surrounded by a hint of gold, which then refracted light similar to a crystal with a purple ring around it. When it reached its soft brilliance and intensity; it was about 2 or 3 ft. above me when it then collapsed to a pinpoint of light and totally vanished. The sphere itself was not bright and did not light up the just seemed calm and I had to stare and focus to follow it.

This happened 10 or 15 times...with a similar pattern, radius, and path above me. Afterwards I seemed to be "off sync" about an hours time the rest of the night....and just had to sleep.”

*As weird as this sounds (especially coming from a science geek such as myself who is always looking for logical explanations); this visualization actually happened. It was after a real mentally tough day working in my research lab. I went to take a bath to try and hopefully clear some negative energy and frustration that was consuming my mind all day by meditating in the water. I turned out the lights in the room and as I laid down in the water after a few minutes this took place. It definitely got me to change mental channels..I still have no logical explanation.