We live in a Golden Age of Mankind

We live in a Golden Age of Mankind: the most advanced some claim. Circumpolar to our pride.

As we peer through dimensionless bounds, we shape our views through inner projections of emotion and thought; abstraction and imagery.

Our own private sphere.

We pretend to understand the infinite on our own; and give it a symbol. Numbering only the dimensions acceptable, we seem to think that there is no reality apart from what we pretend to comprehend.

No substantive truth beyond our greatest dreams; Our comfort zone.

We seek absolute truth, yet distort our findings.
 We pursue our questions, yet fear and mold the answers.

Fortunate for Mankind... and all that we call element, exists a Universal Truth of Pure Light and Intelligence;

A portion of a Gift which radiates within us all; Which binds us together eternally.

If we are wise, we will seek to resonate with it.
For within it awaits;
Our Ultimate Peace and Tranquility... and the Meaning of All Things!