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Kirk has been creating art his whole life while he concurrently worked in the professional world of Engineering Sciences. His unique ability of integrating that creative thought process into his technological thought process continues to set the stage for some new and on-going excitement! 

“After recently going first hand as a Civilian Water Quality Specialist into the mouth of a War Beast it became even more self evident of the dire necessity to develop alternate approaches to basic life sustaining water and energy harvesting technologies. These technologies could apply both here at home and in the scarier less fortunate places throughout the world.”

Kirk currently has 4 patents, 3 degrees, and various licenses with 30+years experience. Listed below is his journey and thought process (with examples of technologies and patents).

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Kirk D. Bradley - Engineering Sciences Journey

General Bio Summary

With my versatile career being devoted over the years to a balanced mix of both public works and private industry branching into a wide range of business and engineering sciences, I can bring my unique technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership experiences into making the future Quantum Nexus B-Corp business model and associated Star Nexus Technology become a success.

Among many accomplishments along my journey I founded and operated a successful research, design and fabrication business for 14+ years that specialized in developing and commercializing advanced technologies. Duties required working in various capacities related to business development, project funding, joint ventures, design, pilot testing, manufacturing, construction, and operations. On one project a total of $14M USD was raised through private offerings and institutional funding along with securing associated multimillion-dollar raw material supply contracts.

I was awarded four (4) USPTO environmental patents with applications related to energy conservation, water reuse and recycling concepts and have developed many other processes along the way. I have written 2 USEPA approved Industrial Pretreatment Programs and set up developmental laboratories and fabrication facilities. I also worked with NASA as a propulsion and cryogenics operations engineer, constructed and operated three (3) municipal treatment plants ($200M USD), designed and operated various industrial plants (one which included fracking water cleanup), and recently worked in Afghanistan as a FOB Water Quality Specialist. I am currently working on the development of off-grid energy and water process modules. 

 Technology Snapshot Experience

Off-grid alternative energy generator with water treatment capacity using solar lensing, magnetics, and electro-pulse technology that produces hydrogen, oxygen, thermal energy, and electricity.

Electro-coagulation and associated physical/chemical sub-processes, selective ion exchange (IX) using molecularly altered natural zeolites and chabazite, hydrogen/oxygen concentration/ozonation technology, and filtration converting USEPA superfund site acid mine wastewater to drinking water standards.

Rocket engine altitude simulation chambers and scramjet free-jet and direct connect wind-tunnel operations: utilizing high pressure/flow liquid and gaseous systems of fuels, oxidizers, cryogenics, pyrophorics, and hypergolics including gaseous: silane, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, and propane; liquid: air, helium, oxygen, nitrogen, propane, hydrogen, monomethylhydrazine, and nitrogen tetroxide. Associated cooling systems, incinerators, steam ejectors, environmental neutralization subsystems including remote sampling systems for gaseous explosive and hazardous materials environments.

HazMat extraction of hexavalent chromium, nickel chloride, electroless-nickel sulfate, zinc phosphate, nitric acid/nickel slurry, sodium hydroxide sludges, along with their precipitates and wastewaters.

Dual closed-loop organic solvent/water reuse recovery process for high tonnage bulk processing/classification (15,000lbs/hr.) of MRF polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic utilizing electro-pulse technology, advanced oxidation mass transfer de-gas, IX selective zeolites, flash drying, IR bound moisture removal, specific gravity/solvent fractionalization extraction, with associated solids handling.

Full-scale anaerobic solids digestion processes in both the thermophyllic and mesophyllic temperature ranges with enhanced methane production for co-generation by biological and enzyme augmentation.

Sludge/solids and dewatering/classification systems including: continuous micro- filtration, rotary and plate vacuum filters, plate and frame filtration, centrifugal separation dewatering, inclined plate clarification with polymer addition and flocculation maturation, dissolved air floatation processes, secondary and tertiary gravity clarification, air classification, micro and macro screening, staged vibratory screening, specific gravity/fractionalization separation; linear geometric tube acceleration dewatering, and forced air jet tube and conveyer dryer processes.

25 million gallons per day treatment of activated sludge (endogenous respiration operations) oxidation ditch with associated clarification and centrifugal solids concentration, tertiary filtration, and UV advanced disinfection for water reuse.

10 million gallons per day biological oxidization treatment, 14MW co-generation with anaerobic digestion gas blending, dissolved air floatation (DAF), associated solids dewatering process clarification components and Cl2 for industrial/domestic waste.

Biological implantation: Alternate organism injection for enhanced rebalancing of the associated natural bio system and surface waters, soil injection/crop uptake program and endangered species protection.

Previous Project Associations

NASA/JPL, Marquardt, USEPA, St. Cloud Mining, MSE Technology, US Army Corps of Engineers, MWH Global, Pratt & Whitney, RAM Company, QV Power, DOE, Green Environmental Ltd, ZEOX, Coombs and Associates, Sierra Energy and Water, GSA, Black & Veatch, Burbank Recycling, Ward Engineering, Kruger, USAF, LOGCAP IV, and various municipal, State, & Federal government organizations. 

Education, Certifications, Patents & Licenses

  • Bachelor of Science - Engineering/Manufacturing/Geology - 1986
  • Associate of Science (2) - Environmental/Wastewater - 1984
  • CA Grade V - Wastewater Treatment  #6453 (active) - 1986
  • CA Engineering and General Contractor #546181 (na) - 1990
  • UT General Contractor #94-278009-5501 (na) - 1995
  • UT Grade IV - Wastewater Treatment 367R12044 (na) - 1984
  • UT Grade I - Wastewater Collection  #676R12031C (na) - 1985
  • USPTO Patents: #6,960,301; #7,264,732;  #7,404,900;  #7,682,492 applied: 11/623,265 ; 61/050,802
  • Security Clearances: Secret 1990 and DOD Geneva Conv. Category III Contractor/Army 2014 (exp)