Artist by day and inventive engineer by night, Kirk helps inspire and spread positive energy through promoting the Light of New Ideas; both within the realms of Scientific Discovery and through Artistic Expression.

Kirk’s joy of oil painting surfaced in a Colorado High School and continued shining as he also excelled in many arenas of the professional world of Engineering Sciences throughout his parallel careers.

Over time his unique style and subject matter inherently started blending into the art in which he passionately calls: The Creations

So take a mini-vacation, check out the website often for latest works, dive into the past Patents and Technology Gallery updates; and don’t forget buy some of our brilliant images to help out...

Some of the sales proceeds are earmarked to help future technology development on the Ambient Harvester Project…. potentially game changing technology recently inspired by conditions Kirk personally witnessed first hand while he was deep inside the mouth of a War Beast.

Help us create a BetterWorld while having some fun on the way. “Spread the Positive Energy…Thanks for yours!"